Modern Combat Versus and Other FPS Fight to Survive the Wave Battle Royale

Modern Combat Versus and Other FPS Fight to Survive the Wave Battle Royale

It’s not easy for the Modern Combat Versus and Shadowgun Legends shooting games. Both fight to live amid the competition with games of the genre Battle Royale.

The two games did not fail from the point of view of investment, but of potential and scope … perhaps. Both have been suffering a lot to get the attention of the general public. The crowd is more interested in: Fortnite, PUBG, Creative Destruction, Free Fire and company.

Let’s look at some Sensor Tower numbers.

While games such as Garena (Free Fire) and PUBG Corp. have about 14 million downloads per month, Modern Combat Versus does not even reach 500,000 downloads in 30 days.

Even Creative Destruction, the clone of Fortnite, which everyone expected to take off after the bullshit between Epic and Google, is averaging 5 million per month. Something very good, but it was expected to exceed 15 million easy in August.

As if it did not, the MC Versus rating on Google Play is only 3.8 out of 5 stars. In desperation to try to make the game as compatible as possible, Gameloft lowered the resolution too many devices. The result is ugly play, even in some powerful devices. Many people who have a smartphone with up to 4GB of RAM complain that the look looks awful.

Shadowgun Legends also “skated”

Modern Combat Versus and Other FPS Fight to Survive the Wave Battle Royale
The “Destiny” Mobile also did not draw much attention compared to the Battle Royale fever.

However, the truth is that all first-person shooters for Android and iOS have felt a little bit about the impact of this Battle Royale craze. Shadowgun Legends, for example, seems to have not yielded the expected for Madfinger games, which has already announced a separate multiplayer game of Legends.

“Destiny Mobile” has also suffered to attract new players and is averaging only 400,000 downloads per month. However, just remember that the game does not have a multiplayer versus so impressive so, and focuses more on the coop and singleplayer.

But surprisingly, old games like Modern Combat 5 and Guns of Boom are performing very well, with an average of 5 million downloads per month.

Of the drama experienced by the two who were to bomb in 2018, that of MC Versus seems to be bigger. The previous Modern Combat, which should have been abandoned, remains heavily down.

So the question remains. Does Gameloft and Madfinger Games bet on the “wrong horse” (wrong style) or are their games lacking in quality. I particularly believe in the first hypothesis. Is that you?

With Sensor Tower information.

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