Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition should be coming to Switch ‘Soon’ and here are a few things to look forward to

Minecraft's Bedrock Edition should be coming to Switch 'Soon' and here are a few things to look forward to

Last week Microsoft took to Twitch to show off, the upcoming Bedrock Edition of Minecraft and it looks like it’s well on the way to being Switch-ready. Hurrah!

The stream was almost two hours long with the first half-hour going over introductions, little details, and the fact the Switch version will have two online systems – a Microsoft account log-in (for playing cross-platform between Switch, mobile, and console) and a Nintendo log-in for playing with your Switch friends.

One of the major points the team makes is that while this version of the game is taking a little longer to release, the reason behind it is: detail. A lot of time and care is going into it to make its launch as successful as possible, and we’re happy to hear it.

Aside from adding the newest features, it looks like the game’s performance will also be getting a boost. Game chunks will render at 14 (as opposed to the current six/seven) and it’s running smoothly (with ‘unlimited’ framerate).

Bedrock Edition will also be coming with touch implemented for handheld mode, meaning you can move around your inventory fluidly, type out signs with the on-screen keyboard, and easily switch between game options.

Though we didn’t get a look at the crafting interface, there’s a lot of stuff to get excited about here. If these couple of hours don’t give you something to look forward to, there’ll be another live stream happening next week which will apparently have even more detail.

Source: Eurogamer

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