Minecraft Reaches The Height Of Top Number 2 Game For Xbox

Matt Booty will now lead Microsoft Studios and will be in charge of all the teams that develop games for Xbox.

The internal chip movement continues in Microsoft for the video game division and, if Phil Spencer recently entered the top management of the Redmond, on this occasion, it is Matt Booty who has enjoyed a significant promotion.

The now leading executive of Microsoft Studios helped at the time to make the Minecraft brand was purchased by Microsoft, and until then had continued to lead the popular construction video game.

Now Booty has announced via Twitter his promotion to be responsible for executing the entire strategy of the Xbox division in terms of the development and distribution of internal video games. In short, it will be number 2 of Xbox.

“This is an honor and a privilege,” Booty said. “Thank you all for the kind words, it’s been a pleasure to run the Minecraft franchise, and I’m incredibly excited about the possibility of supporting the first-party teams with my new role.”

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