Master of Eternity (MOE) Free Download For PC & Mobile

Master of Eternity (MOE) Free Download For PC & Mobile

Master of Eternity (MOE) is a strategy game that will make the oldest gamers immediately remember Front Mission (SNES). But in this mobile game, you control anime girls who pilot incredible robots. The game is free and is available for Android and iOS.

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MOE is not recent. The game developed by Nexon has already been released in Korea for more than two years. It is another strategy game with great quality and visual anime. In fact, “MOE” is a Japanese expression to describe Japanese female characters as cute or cute.

Going back to the game, here is a fine example of the concept of old games applied to current games. The game is very similar to Front Mission (Super Nintendo). Two teams go into the clash in a scenario, with battles in turns.

Otaku Game

MOE has an extensive campaign mode. The “Mechas” very much resemble those of Japanese animation classics such as Gundam and Code Geass.

This is the typical Otaku game. The fanservice rolls loose with cuddly characters and “big attributes” … you get me.

MOE is so directed to the public anime fan and its stereotypes that the game is Korean and the characters speak Japanese.

Master of Eternity (MOE) Free Download For PC & Mobile

Of course, since it is a free to play game, a lot of things are segmented and broken like energy limiters, cards that yield better robots, parts and so on.

But this does not detract from the brilliance and quality of MOE. What you might take away is the absence of the Portuguese language.

Download Link on iPhone (App Store)

Link to Download APK

Android Game Link (Google Play)

Developer: Nexon 
Advertising: Yes | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.4 
Language: English | Size: 2 GB

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