Madfinger plans to launch Shadowgun Legends in February

Shadowgun Legends still has no exact release date. But Madfinger Games plans to launch the game in February. The announcement came via a live event held today (18) via Twitch and Facebook.

According to the producers, they are working to improve the guild system and PvP mode, in addition, of course, to add new missions to the solo and cooperative campaign.

There’s no exact date for the game’s release, that’s one thing they made clear. They plan to launch in February, are hoping only the best date to get the maximum reach.

Shadowgun Legends is in closed beta in Brazil and open beta in some countries like Holland, Australia, and Canada.

Watch the live video of MADFINGERGames at

Enjoy and sign up for the game’s official website to gain advantages when it’s released. Pre-registration  link :

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