Look For This Warning When Downloading Fortnite APK For Android, iPhone

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 presentation event is due to take place on August 9. If the rumors are true, Fortnite for Android will be announced for Samsung smartphones with the exclusivity of 4 months.

That’s not to say that Epic Games will release the APK link for everyone to download. Quite the opposite. The biggest change is that the game will be launched in the Samsung application store: Galaxy Apps.

So be very careful with the APK links you find out there. There are already several fake ads on Google and Youtube promising Fortnite before the release (pictured above).

The official game site is this, and just this: https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/

As reported by XDA-Developers, the APK that leaked on the net does several checks to verify that the smartphone is Samsung. It will not be a simple edit in “Build.prop” that will solve the subject.

Fortnite for Android is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Hackers know this and are already spreading fake links on several sites. Epic games is already taking action, banning links from Google and other search engines.


Who is a content producer (youtubers) also needs to be careful. The possibility of taking a YouTube or Google strike is real. Do not divulge the Fortnite APK, do so only when Epic releases the official game link.

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