Legend of the Moon For PC & Android – Free Download

Legend of the Moon For PC & Android - Free Download

Legend of the Moon is a 2D game with lots of action and adventure. A mix of The Legend of Zelda 2, “Metroidvania” and a protagonist who looks like the Meliodas of the anime Natsu in Taizai. The game has a free version with ads, but the paid version is for free for a limited time on Android.

In Legend of the Moon, your character is to blame for a great calamity. It is true. After opening a chest in the game’s tutorial, everyone dies. It’s your fault.

To redeem yourself, you will have to go through several phases and defeat the Moon. The sacrifice will be worth it, because in the end, it will be possible to undo the “crap”.

Legend of the Moon For PC & Android - Free Download
Boy, everybody died because of you!

A simple premise, which is justified with an addictive gameplay. A 2D game with lots of sceneries to explore and things to “upar” your character.

Easy and agile commands

The Legend of the Moon controls is very easy. There are two arrows in the left corner of the screen, they are for moving your character. On the straight side, there are only two action buttons: “A” for attack and J for “Jump”.

You already get the game with a double jump and a command of “dash,” which is released by tapping and keeping your finger on the attack button.

As you advance, you can buy (without real money, with the same game), new swords, armor and hearts. This is the part that recalls The Legend of Zelda 2 (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link from NES).

Legend of the Moon For PC & Android - Free Download
Sinister moon will appear from time to time.

The part that reminds Metroidvania is the map that the player will unlock over time. It is accessible in the right corner of the screen.

Legend of the Moon starts out simple and silly but then reveals an incredible game, a real find in the Play Store. One of the lightest little games more “delight” to zero. I recommend.

If you have arrived here and the promotion is over, you can download the free version. It is also offline, it only displays ads from time to time.

Link to download the free version

Link to Download the paid version (on sale)

Developer: GoZipGame 
Advertising: Yes | Game Offline 
Contains purchases built-in: Does not 
require Android 2.3 
Language: English | Size: 27 MB

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