League of Assassin: OFFLINE Action Game for Android and iOS

League of Assassin: OFFLINE Action Game for Android and iOS

League of Assassin is an action game for Android and iOS that, at first glance, may seem to require an internet connection. But it works offline. The game features characters with anime look in a title with a lot of pounding and devastating blows.

You start the game by controlling a girl with silver hair and short clothes. This schoolgirl will face hordes of zombies. The beginning of the game is really cool, with the game showing all the moves you will acquire as the character evolved.

Here comes the bad part. Everything is removed and you get only with a normal blow and a spatial ability. The game is full of inbuilt purchases, but they are optional.

The game was Chinese and won an English version. The translation has its problems and will be confused with some messages. Like the one that says “Miss MP”, it shows the bizarre message “Lack of MP”.

The upside is that League of Assassin is easy to play and ideal to pass the time. For those looking for a 2D game to pass the time, this game holds good surprises as more characters to select. To evolve the character does not take too long and it is possible to zero without spending any penny.

Game Synopsis on Google Play:

League of Assassins is the most dynamic and cool action game. And combine the line of online RPG games. Join the League of Assassins, allowing you to experience the real arcade fight.

The heritage of the Assassin’s Union arcade game, but a classic homage. The League of Assassins has superb scenes, cool combinations, and beautiful special abilities. At the same time, you can also use equipment and weapons to increase your defense value. Fighting the horizontal version can brighten your passion, the endless combination can make your blood pump exciting and exciting! The most exciting fighting game is waiting for you!

Hard monsters are richer rewards, you can grant, more combined, higher levels; Hidden BOSS will give more generous rewards. Then you can kill the monster level up. Demon hunters and demonic assassins who fight people who are in the shadow of the power of the background. Can you be a true heroic legend of the demonic world? Challenging adventures and thrills to give you the sensation of excitement!

Game Link in the App Store (iOS)

Link to Download APK (Android)

Download Link to Google Play (Android)

Developer: Real Action 
Advertising: Yes | Game Offline 
Contains purchases built in: Yes 
Requires Android 2.3 / iOS 8.0 
Language: English | Size: 50 MB

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