Knives Out Attracts 50 Million Active Players in January

Knives Out Attracts 50 Million Active Players in January

Knives Out, a game with clear similarities to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds achieved a massive success earlier this year. No less than 50 million active players in January this year. According to Newzoo, it is the most popular game of its kind. Of course, that’s why the numbers for PUBG Mobile are still being counted.

Still, it’s still a great asset to the NetEase people. Another game of the producer, Rules of Survival, also a “Battle Royale”, obtained 25 million active players in January 2018.

Rules of Survival was launched in November 2017 and has maintained an interest within its player base with the introduction of the competitive tournament Terminator 2 International Super League, which had a total prize pool of $ 855,000 (around $ 2.8 million of reais).

The two titles of Battle Royale of the Chinese publisher also obtained success outside its main market, the Chinese. With 30% of revenues for the two titles supposedly coming from other countries.

Knives Out proved to be especially consistent in the Japanese market, where 96 percent of iOS’s overseas revenue came from that country in February.

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