Kirby Developers made their First Mobile Game and it’s out now in the West

We’ve been downright spoiled so far in 2018, what with games like Alto’s Odyssey staking their territory straight out of the gate. Following that trend is Part Time UFO, a brand new mobile game from the creators of Kirby and other Nintendo favorites.

The game launched in Japan last November, and now Part Time UFO has debuted in a number of western countries, including the UK and the US, as well. It’s a colorful, classic gaming treat to help us through these last few, drab winter weeks.

Part Time UFO is a quirky interpretation of arcade crane games. You play as a little UFO come to earth to help people out of predicaments using your helpful claw arm. It’s essentially a game of drag and drops as you complete little odd jobs, be it stacking crates of oranges for a farmer or constructing a pyramid of cheerleaders. It’s silly, yes, but the sheer variety will have you hooked on Part-Time UFO for quite some time.

Part Time UFO is a premium release at £3.99 and you can pick it up right now on iOS and Android.

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