Jill’s Nightmare and Dino Residence return to Google Play! DOWNLOAD SOON!

Jill's Nightmare and Dino Residence return to Google Play! DOWNLOAD SOON!

Jill’s Nightmare, a 2D action game that comes out of Google Play, has recently returned to the app store. In addition to it, also came the “Dino Crisis” version, also inspired by another classic PS1 game.

Jill’s Nightmare has become Evil Nightmare, but only this change may not guarantee the game’s permanence in the Android store. The game features sprites and HUD clearly copied from other CAPCOM games.

Both games, Evil Nightmare and Dino Residence have the same cycle. Your character is in a mansion full of monsters, zombies and dinosaurs. Go from scenario to scenario collecting weapons and items to help you move forward. In some moments you need to figure out how to unlock the next room, something that goes directly to the riddles of Resident Evil 1 and 2.

Evil Nightmare is very well done. But I suggest Shooting Eclipse create a character of its own or give up on Google Play, as it is almost certain that your games will be removed soon (so download soon, they are offline!).

Formerly, this type of fangame was well accepted in the Google application store. But since 2017, the Play Store has been battling this type of game that infringes copyright.

A good example are Dragon Ball fangames. As soon as one goes “trend” and appears among the most downloaded, the Play Store removes the game without warning. And no use whining.

Link to Download Evil Nightmare

Link to Download Dino Residence

Developer: Shooting Eclipse 
Advertising: Yes | Game Offline 
Contains purchases built-in: Does not 
require Android 2.3 
Language: English | Size: 60 MB

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