Is Zepeto spying on you? Viral rumor leaves users in a panic

Is Zepeto spying on you? Viral rumor leaves users in a panic

In recent days, another useless fashion has appeared among teens, the Zepeto app. A kind of Animoji / Miitomo that allows the user to create a virtual version of himself. This type of app has gained fame. But a rumor has made users delete the application in a hurry: the possibility that the app is watching their steps.

The rumor has surfaced on Twitter and has gained strength in social networks. But everything is just a big rumor … or is it not?

Mania not so new like this

Zepeto, Memoji and other apps of the genre have conquered users who want to create fluffy virtual versions. A kind of silly distraction, which has been around since Orkut times (buddy poke .. remember?).

Is Zepeto spying on you? Viral rumor leaves users in a panic

Zepeto has taken the appstore stores as one of the most downloaded apps on both Google Play and the App Store. Even on APK download sites, it appears among the first.

What is Zepeto?

The Zepeto app is an application that lets you create a 3D animated version of yourself for use in chat rooms. Instead of building the character, just take a picture of you, which the app creates its cute digital version. However, it is still possible to edit by creating a totally non-zero character.

Once the character is created it is possible to take pictures of him, find other zepetos and interact with other people. The application can be integrated with Facebook. It seems that it was from then on that the conspiracy theories began.

The application has a huge user base in Asia, but has recently started winning a large number of users in the West as well. However, while it all sounds fun, some users are already deleting the app because they are feeling “watched” for it.

Am I being tracked?

Although there is no evidence that the app will record the user’s image or audio, the fact is that every free app (and some paid as well) generates a report on its usage.

In fact, Google and Facebook apps are already tracking you in a much more “offensive” and efficient way that Zepeto would never do.

If you’ve used Google Maps at least once, you’ll see that it also turned on location history. Through it, Google knows exactly where you’ve been.

Fox News story from February 2018 is even more terrifying and throws more fuel into the conspiracy bonfire. In the test carried out by the American reporter, a smartphone with Google applications traced the user even with active airplane mode.

But conspiracy theories have gained even more force with recent videos from the Youtube Mitchollow user. According to his tests, Google is always “listening” to you and when you activate the camera in Chrome for a hangout, it watches everything that is shown there.

In the test, Mitchell did not even speak the word “Dog Toys”, but after showing it on the cam, he began to see dog toy ads.

Moral of the story. We are always being watched and tracked. This is how the “free sale” model works. Companies like Facebook and Google make this clear in the terms and uses of the service.

Privacy in Zepeto

What about Snow, Zepeto’s company? She makes that clear too. On the application’s Privacy Policy page, it’s there, written in bold letters: “collecting personal information.”

But according to the same page, photos taken from users are only used for a “mirroring” reality, and are not stored on Snow servers.

Then to finish. Yes, Zepeto tracks the user in the same way as any other app does, in order to show ads or share this information with ad companies. And no, he’s not always filming you and listening to you, at least that’s what he says on the privacy policy page.

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