Is Free Fire Better Than PUBG Mobile? Understand the controversy!

Is Free Fire Better Than PUBG Mobile? Understand the controversy!

That PUBG Mobile is infinitely superior to Free Fire, everyone knows it, but why do many Brazilian players prefer Garena’s game?

Worldwide PUBG Mobile (or Fortnite) appear in the top of most downloaded games on Android and iOS. But in Brazil, Free Fire reigns supreme.

The situation went so far as to create the meme “Free Fire is better than PUBGthe “. But is the meme right?

Comparision of High-Graphics:

Is Free Fire Better Than PUBG Mobile? Understand the controversy!

PUBG Mobile is a game developed in Unreal Engine 4, focusing on High-End devices. Looking only at the technical quality in production, you realize that the Tencent Games game is far superior. Graphics, physics, size of the scenarios, gameplay, PUBG Mobile is better than Free Fire pretty much at all.

However, all technical beauty requires resources, many resources. To play PUBG Mobile without stressing your smartphone, you need to have at least a 2016 lineup.

Even intermediate smartphones, with the first generation of Snapdragon 600, do not run PUBG Mobile with visual at most. Some Samsung Galaxy processor Exynos suffers horrors, to run this game, which is yes, more optimized for the GPU of Snapdragon (Adreno).

The overwhelming majority of smartphones are basic

By 2017, it became clear that having only 2GB of RAM, and 32-bit processor, would not be enough to run the heaviest and latest Google Play releases. Our first big disappointment was with Gangstar New Orleans.

In 2018, this trend continued strong, and many fans were disappointed in trying to play games like Modern Combat Versus, Shadowgun Legends, and PUBG Mobile. And that’s even buying recent basic devices like the Moto G5.

The Brazilian (“average audience”) loves playing on the cell phone. But the share that players who will invest $ 4 thousand reais (in a device purchased in Brazil) just to play, is very low. And the intermediary smartphones capable of running PUBG Mobile in a minimally acceptable way, are still a distant dream of many children who only inherit their parents’ used handsets.

Free Fire does not “stress” nor smartphone with 1 GB of RAM

Is Free Fire Better Than PUBG Mobile? Understand the controversy!

Much more common in Brazilian reality are the smartphones with 1GB of RAM. Moto G2, G3, Galaxy Prime and even the first Moto G1 2013! All run Free Fire with “a hand in the back”.

Really! Free Fire wheel in the Moto G1 with a very beautiful look and excellent frame rate without any drops. Even with today’s outdated Snapdragon 400 and Adreno 305.

Now I ask you: which people in Brazil will prefer? PUBG Mobile, heavy that is not even compatible with many people’s smartphones, or Free Fire, a lightweight game that runs easily on many 2012 smartphones?

But calm that the trump of Free Fire is not just the compatibility.

Faster games

Is Free Fire Better Than PUBG Mobile? Understand the controversy!

PUBG Mobile is a nearly perfect replica of PC’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game. Perfect even too, because the game has long matches that can last more than 30 minutes.

Every developer knows that despite the quality, this type of long-running gameplay is not what the majority of the public mobile gamer seeks (and does not even have the battery for it). Many players just want a “quick play”.

And that’s exactly what Free Fire hits. The game is really “Mobile” because it knows how to fit the Battle Royale gameplay of PUBG, with a faster and direct proposal. Free Fire matches last 15 to 8 minutes.


Free Fire is “better” than PUBG Mobile. But this is only true in the conception of those who have never even tried playing the Tencent Games game on a device in a fluid manner. It’s not just the look, without the battery limitations (screen time) and processing power, PUBG Mobile is better than Free Fire in all respects.

Not a bad thing. The important thing is for everyone to play and get to know this new genre, Battle Royale. Free Fire does a great job for those who do not have the opportunity to play PUBG Mobile.

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