Incompatible? See alternative to Ark Survival Involved game

Incompatible? See alternative to Ark Survival Involved game

If your smartphone has not been awarded a version of the game Ark Survival Envolved, something that should not change as soon as the game has high requirements, it is ideal to go to similar games. Fortunately, there are plenty of options on Google Play.

Among the games, the most interesting of them is Jurassic Survival Island: Evolve. Game of survival OFFLINE that is in Portuguese, with beautiful graphics and that has gameplay similar to that of the Wildcard game.

We’ve already talked about this game before. At the time (2017), the producer committed the vacillation to name the game with a name very similar to the Ark. There was no other, they received a strike and they were removed from Google Play. But the game returned that same year, with uan pdated name.

Incompatible? See alternative to Ark Survival Involved game

Is it worth downloading this “clone” of Ark?

But it’s worth downloading Jurassic Survival Island: Evolve ? The answer is yes. The game is a great replacement for those who do not have a powerful smartphone to run Ark Survival Envolved .

Of course the game does not have all the wildlife and mechanics of Ark, but there is a lot of content to explore in Jurassic Survival. The island is large, there are many dinosaurs and the options are quite diverse.

Incompatible? See alternative to Ark Survival Involved game

The game has singleplayer mode (for a player). Jurassic Survival Island: Evolve works even on smartphones with 1GB of RAM. The game’s multiplayer is in development, so it may not be available in a few moments.

Jurassic Survival Island: Evolve has two versions. The only difference between them is that the paid version does not display ads.

Download Link on Google Play

Advertising: Yes | Requires internet connection: No 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Size: 83 MB 
Requires Android 4.0, 4.1 or higher 
Language: English

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