How to Watch Twitch on Any Smart TV

How to Watch Twitch on Any Smart TV

Here’s how to watch Twitch on your Smart TV directly from the browser, with no additional app and no need to mirror your phone screen. A constant question from friends gamers that I decided to share with you.

The tip works on any Smart TV, be it Samsung, LG, Sony, and even works on those early Philips (2011) models, which did not even have a system.

Overcoming the absence of apps

One of the biggest dilemmas for streaming lovers is watching Twitch on a Smart TV.

The simplest solution would be to install the Twitch app on TV. It turns out that this app does not exist or is unavailable on the vast majority of Smart TVs.

A lot of people imagine that it’s just mirroring the smartphone screen. That solves, but the cell phone gets “busy”, not to mention the unnecessary waste of the battery of it.

The tip proposed here does not use either app, mirroring or additional device like an Android TV Box . All you will need is the internet browser of your TV, the Browser.

How to Watch Twitch on Any Smart TV

How to use the ForkPlayer TV

The tip is to use the ForkPlayer TV service. It allows access to Twitch through internal servers, directly accessing the video streaming file. All straight from the Smart TV-Browser.

Here’s how to use ForkPlayer TV in the Tutorial below.

Step 1. The first step is to access the browser, the Internet browser of your Smart TV.

Step 2. Once opened, enter the address

Step 3. The ForkPlayer TV website will open on your Smart TV. He already recognizes the model of the TV and adapts to it.

Step 4. Click the Twitch icon where it says “Gamestream”.

Step 5. Click the Twitch icon again.

Step 6. This menu is for choosing the Twitch server you want to access. It is irrelevant information, you can choose the first option.

Step 7. In the image below, you can check the translation of this menu. The first option is the search, the second is “list by games”, the third is by most popular channel and the fourth by videos. Click the second option to list by games.

Step 8. Choose the game you want, click it to list the most popular streamers playing that game live.

Step 9. Choose a stream to watch and click on it.

Step 10. Choose the resolution you want to watch.

Step 11. Okay, you’re already watching Twitch right on your Smart TV.

Step 12. To leave in full screen, click on the gear at the bottom of the screen and then choose the second option.

Searching your favorite streamer on Twitch via the Fork Player TV

You know that first search option we mentioned above. With it, we can search and locate our favorite streamer. But you have a problem, but you need to change the keyboard configuration of the Fork Player TV.

By default the Fork Player TV keyboard is in Russian. Here’s how to switch to English.

Choose this option to change the keyboard layout.

Enter the name of your stream or Twitch streamer and click enter. Do not know what it is? See the image below.

Now just click on the first option to open the stream. Do not be scared, when searching for a stream, the menu will get “broken” even, the online stream will always be the first option.


See how easy it is? After accessing once, the Fork Player TV will already be saved in your history. Upon accessing it, it goes straight to Twitch.

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