How To Use Google Map Online While Saving Data In Every Day Routine

Google Maps has been offline for some time. Thus, users can store pre-defined routes on their devices, which can be accessed without the need for an internet connection. Here’s how this feature works, and learn how to update, rename, and remove an offline route from your device.

Previously, you could only view an area on the offline map, something that was not so practical. But you can now get step-by-step directions, search for specific destinations, and find helpful information about locations such as hours of operation, contact information, and evaluation of other users. Here’s how Google Maps offline.

How to use Google Maps offline

To access the offline function of Google Maps, go to the Maps menu (the three dashes in the upper left corner), and click on “Offline Maps”. There you will have your saved maps, besides giving to save a certain area of the map. In addition, you can download an area by searching, for example, a city, state or country, and touch “Download” on the place page.

Download Maps areas
Download Maps areas

Once downloaded, Google Maps will automatically go offline when you recognize that you are in an unstable or unsupported service location. When you find a connection, you will return to online mode to easily access the full version of the service, including the traffic conditions of your current route. By default, areas on your device will be downloaded only on Wi-Fi connections to avoid consuming high data rates.

Use Maps without spending data

When Maps can not find internet support, it automatically goes offline. But this concerns both Wi-Fi and mobile data. If you do not want to spend your data, just use the “Wi-Fi only” mode. Therefore, whenever there is no Wi-Fi network (even if the data is turned on), Maps migrates to offline mode. To get this feature, just go to the side menu and enable the “Wi-Fi only” option.

Save the maps to an SD card

The Google Maps default is to download the maps to the device’s internal storage. You can, however, change this setting and save it to the memory card. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Insert an SD card into the device;
  • In Google Maps, click the main menu;
  • Click “Offline Maps”;
  • In the upper right corner, click the settings icon;
  • Go to “Storage Preferences”, click Device, and then click SD Card.

Update your offline maps

The maps that you have downloaded to your device must be updated at least once a month in order to effect possible changes in the cataloged area. If your offline map expires in less than 15 days, for example, Google Maps will attempt to upgrade as soon as you connect to a Wi-Fi network or a charger.

To update the areas manually follow the steps below:

With notification:

  • Open the notification and click refresh;
  • Click the expired map from the list;
  • The map will update automatically.

No notification:

  • Open the Google Maps app;
  • Click on the menu on the left and then on “Offline Maps”;
  • Select the map you want to update;
  • Click refresh.
Edit locations saved by Google Map
Edit locations saved by Google Maps

How to rename offline maps

  • Open the Google Maps app;
  • Click on the menu on the left and then on “Offline Maps”;
  • Select a map;
  • Click the pencil icon at the top right of the screen;
  • Change the name;
  • Save.
Rename your maps

Delete offline maps stored on your device

To delete downloaded maps that you do not want to keep on your device, just follow the steps below:

Open the Google Maps app;

  • Click on the menu on the left and then on “Offline Maps”;
  • Select the map you want to delete from the list;
  • Click Delete;
  • Confirm that you want to delete the map.
Delete maps you no longer use

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