How to Save Instagram Stories From Others

How to Save Instagram Stories From Others

The official Instagram client does not allow you to download content from other people . Unlike Stories themselves, they can be saved. In order to save the images and video recordings of other people, we must resort to one of the many external applications that exist. Of all of the things we’ve tested, we’ve got StorySaver to do this task easily, so we can record the live streams that other users have just been following recently.

Developer: Liam Cottle
Price: Free+

The application does not require prior registration and will allow it to log in directly with our Instagram credentials, displaying information from our account without having to open the official client simultaneously as if it were an unofficial client. As we log in, we’ll see a list of all the stories our contacts have recently posted. If we touch one of them, we will see a series of icons at the bottom of the screen between which is the one that will allow us to make a local copy of the photo or video in question.

We will have access to a binder where the stories are stored in the left drop-down menu within the application itself, although folders will be generated for each of our contacts that will appear instantly in our Gallery applications. If what we want to look for are Live Streams instead of Stories, we’ll simply have to log in to the topic in question by swapping the session at the bottom of the app’s home screen.

If what we are looking for is to download the standard publications made by our contacts, there are also several tools for this purpose such as the case of InstaSave, although its use is somewhat more complicated and requires copying and pasting official client URLs.

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