How to put a Description in a WhatsApp group

How to put a Description in a WhatsApp group
We teach you how to add descriptions to WhatsApp groups, the last feature to come to this very popular app.

The WhatsApp enhancements are simmered and little by little we are discovering new additions in this communication tool. The last one that arrived was the creation of descriptions in the groups. A new interesting feature that we can apply in a simple way and in very few steps.

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Adding a description to a WhatsApp group has a more informative character than anything else. It is a type of descriptive legend that adds data about the groups we are part of. Not that it is a novelty by which we should let off fires and create a holiday in honor, but at least keep improving the app to make it as complete as possible.

Putting this description in some of our groups is very simple. The first thing we have to do is access the group information: something we can do by touching its name if we are already in the chat or by the menu (by touching the top right) if we select the group by the main screen of the app. Then we will see the new feature below the group photo and when we touch it we can create a description.

The description works the same as the rest of the WhatsApp text fields, so we can use both text and emoji as desired . After completing, just touch “OK” so the description is saved. Now we can see it in the group information screen and a message inside the chat will indicate that the description has been modified. You do not need to be an administrator to do this, as anyone in the group can enter or modify a description, as well as the name or image of the groups.

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