How to Prevent Snapchat Redesign by Reinstalling an Earlier Version

How to Prevent Snapchat Redesign by Reinstalling an Earlier Version
Many users are unhappy with the Snapchat redesign. We explained how to reverse the change by reinstalling an earlier version of the official client.

Apparently, it’s not just a small group of disgruntled users based on the feedback we’ve received, plus the emergence of initiatives like this one from where more than one million people signed a petition to eliminate the controversial redesign of Snapchat. The latest official versions already include, but luckily in the case of Android, it is possible to revert the app to an earlier version and return to the previous appearance. We explain how.

One of the most used features of ours is the ability to download previous versions of an app for Android in APK format. No wonder Snapchat is among the most downloaded apps over the last few days. A decrease in the average app value and the constant negative feedback on social networks are the result of a new and even more complicated interface than the previous one. Remembering that learning how to use Snapchat is an odyssey for anyone who has ever tried.

  • The first thing we should do is uninstall Snapchat. Since there is no local or temporary file and all our contacts are associated with our account, there is no risk of losing anything.
  • Now we must download the version of Snapchat before the change, although anyone previous to already works, we recommend this because some older ones no longer work and require us to download an update.
  • Once downloaded, we proceed with the installation simply by playing on the package itself, either on the screen that appears or going in the list of downloads of the device. If we never downloaded anything outside of Google Play, a message will appear warning us that we are getting apps from unknown sources that could damage the terminal. This is a generic warning message. We at Uptodown have reviewed all the files we hosted with more than 50 antivirus engines because of our collaboration with Virustotal , so there’s nothing to fear.

How to Prevent Snapchat Redesign by Reinstalling an Earlier Version

  • Finally, if we have auto-updates enabled on Google Play, we should disable them. To do this, we will enter it, open the options and access the small menu by touching the three points in the upper right. Inside we uncheck the option to update automatically.

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