How To Play SplatPengiun For Android & PC (Hero Games)

How To Play SplatPengiun For Android & PC (Hero Games)

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Splatoon-inspired Chinese games, but the Hero Game is planning to bring to the West, a game totally inspired by Nintendo’s hit title. Is this a good idea?

The producer is the same as games like Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival and Crisis Action. Games with mixed reception and which are also clearly inspired by other titles.

This is not the first time a Chinese company has tried to launch a game inspired by Splatoon. In July 2016, they tried to launch such a Sepia Go, but Nintendo “dropped” the game … back in China! Imagine if it’s launched in the West.

The Hero Game will have to change a lot to escape copyright problems. But I dare say that this game is unlikely to have a future.

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