How To Play PUBG Mobile with Keyboard and Mouse & Cheats God Mode

How To Play PUBG Mobile with Keyboard and Mouse & Cheats God Mode

Players who are testing PUBG Mobile on PC via emulators such as Bluestacks and NOX are easily realizing the advantage of this kind of interface in front of the touchscreen. From the greater amount of dpi of a mouse to the ease of seeing enemies in the distance on a larger screen, there are too many advantages to playing PUBG Mobile on the PC.

The Motherboard site also noticed that many of PUBG Mobile’s players are furious with the number of players using devices like Chromecast to pair Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Who plays with this type of peripheral (keyboard and mouse) is easily dominating the games.

The easiest way to do this “cheat” is to use the Android PC emulator called Bluestacks. It already comes with the controls configured on the screen. To complicate matters, Bluestacks itself has adapted its website to inform that this is the best way to download and play PUBG Mobile on PC.

“What does Tencent say?”

For now, Tencent did not respond to the players’ calls. But clearly, those who play this way (with mouse and keyboard) can be reported due to their large amount of wins. This is a bit of a dazzle from the “cross-platform” game. It will not be the paradise that many are thinking.

For those who do not know, even Tencent also has an Android emulator for PC. She herself encouraged the download of PUBG Mobile, but since the release of the game in the West, the versions of PUBG Mobile for PC have been disabled (for now). Let’s see how Tencent Games will get out of this.

We were even going to do a tutorial on how to use the Tencent emulator. But it has been reported as a malicious program on many websites, including Facebook. So, we will not post it on the site.

Is the cross-platform between PC and Mobile a good idea?

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