How to play Creative Destruction on PC

Creative Destruction is the most sought after game on any platform today. The reason is simple, it is a rather lightweight Fortnite clone. Here’s how to run the game directly on the PC, with the Windows version or through emulators for Android.

How to download and install Creative Destruction on PC

Creative Destruction has a version for Windows computers. Available on the official site of the game, the PC version should be installed as any program. Follow the steps below to install.

Step 1. First, you have to download the game. To do so, visit the official site of Creative Destruction:

>> Creative Destruction Official Site <<

Step 2. Click the “Try the PC Version” option. You will download the installer.

Step 3. Install the game.

Step 4. Now just log in. Use your Google Play or Facebook account to start the game.

How to play Creative Destruction on PC

Option 2. Play Creative Destruction in emulator for Android

The Android version of Creative Destruction can be downloaded from any emulator for Android. Emulators like Bluestacks and others will run the game smoothly.

However, not all emulators will configure the controls and keys automatically. One of the first to make everything easy for the player is the Nox Player.

How to play Creative Destruction on PC
Nox emulator is the easiest way to play Creative Destruction on PC.

Nox Player was the first Android PC emulator to bring keys configured for the Creative Destruction game. It even leaves the build configuration just like Fortnite.

How to install the Nox Player Emulator to play Creative Destruction on PC

To play now, in an easy, Creative Destruction on PC, you need to install the Android Nox Emulator. This emulator will emulate (dã) a tablet on your Windows computer, notebook or tablet.

Step 1 . The first step, of course, is to access the official website of the Nox Player emulator.

Emulator site:

Step 2 . To download the official page emulator, just click the button indicated in the figure below. The download will start immediately.

Now, just install the emulator. This step is super simple, just click forward to continue.

Step 3 . The next step, of course is to install the game Creative Destruction in the emulator. If you already play the game on another device, we recommend creating a new Google Play account for the emulator only.

Creative Destruction can be installed in Nox Player without any difficulty.

Step 4. Once you have downloaded the game, just start it. Nox Player will now apply the settings so you can play Creative Destruction

Tips and Final Thoughts

Although the controls are very simple, here are some tips. To make the mouse appear, press the “V” key on your keyboard. This will disable the “FPS” mode and allow you to use the mouse. To return, press “V” again that the mouse will be incorporated into the game.

The Nox Player emulator already applies the settings to play on the keyboard and mouse.

You can also edit the “transparency” of the buttons. The player can even make the virtual button reminders disappear by setting the “transparency” to 0%.

So far, it is not possible to know if the producer of the game distinguishes between who plays on the PC and who plays on the phone. So, once again, if you already play Creative Destruction on a mobile phone, create a new account on Google Play to play the game via the emulator.

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