How to make money “streaming” with Streamcraft

How to make money "streaming" with Streamcraft

Streamcraft is a new platform for streaming games from Android and iOS that is conquering players worldwide. Created by the same Lords Mobile company, the platform pays for both those who produce content and those who watch. Here’s how it works!

“How does Streamcraft work?”

The Streamcraft client application, the same one used to watch streaming, is also the app by which any player can start streaming their mobile games.

Make your live streams and start making money.

To do this, simply go to the “Transmissions” tab at the bottom of the screen, and then touch the camera symbol at the top of the screen. So just fill out a quick register with the stream information and start playing.

To start making lives is very simple!

There are client versions for Android, iOS, and PC. In addition, you can also use the OBS program on the computer.

How to start making money with Streamcraft?

To start billing, the future streamer needs to meet some daily, weekly, and monthly goals. These goals will depend on the type of “contract” partnership you are going to sign with the platform.

Partner Preparation Program: The first of these is the Partner Preparation Program. This is the default template for anyone who starts streaming. You do not need to have a fan base on social networks and can literally start from scratch.

After the first month, the user who does well and has good growth can earn up to $ 1,000 (that’s right, dollars !!!) to help expand the channel. But this award is for first place to do very well in that first month. Other users also earn lower values, depending on performance.

Partner Program: This is the most appropriate partnership model for those who already have a fan base on social networks. You need to have at least 2,000 followers. Candidates also need to have a history of producing quality content. When you receive the Partner badge, you will get 70% of the subscription revenue and 50% of the digital gifts.

Astros Partner Program: The Astros program is for streamers who already have a great presence in the digital world. Whoever gets this qualification, is already featured in Streamcraft and gets 70% of the revenue of signatures and gifts.

There is also the founder’s program, which was given to the first 250 streamers that stood out the most when the platform began. I believe that all the vacancies in this program are already fulfilled.

To sign the partnership, you first need to register on the platform and submit your information to . Do not forget to read the article on Mobile Gamer Brasil.

“Okay, but when you make real money from it?”

Streamcraft works like this. Viewers watch lives and earn pink coins. These coins can be donated to streamers.

In addition it is possible to give a “sub”, make a signature, as in Twitch. The values are also in virtual currencies, this time golden.

To turn all this into real $$ and receive, just go to the Streamcraft app, and go to the Remove option. The final balance is sent to a Paypal account, and you can withdraw directly into the bank account.

Why Streamcraft? Worth it?

How to make money "streaming" with Streamcraft
Every hour of the day, the user earns coins that are worth money.

The main highlight of Streamcraft is not requiring a large workload on goals. Unlike Cube TV and Twitch, you do not have to stream every day to meet the most basic goals.

In the partner program, for example, you need to do at least 20 hours a month and broadcast at least 3 days a week. This allows you to make your lives on Streamcraft without worrying about abandoning other platforms.

There are already many reports on Youtube users who profit since the first month of $ 500 to 2000 reais. However, it is worth remembering that this incentive tends to decrease as the platform consolidates. But the proposal Streamcraft is to be a two-way street where everyone wins, both those watching and those who produce content.

Like any new platform, the chance to stand out is much greater than in other already consolidated ones. For those who want to start literally from scratch, with just a cell phone in hand, the Streamcraft is worth it.

“Where does all this Streamcraft $$ come from?”

Like any platform that is starting, it takes a round of investment for the new live stream service to become known.

In this business, no use just make banners or sponsored post (which is not the case of this one, did not get anything for it .. ok). Companies really invest in streamers for everyone to win.

In addition, mobile game marketing companies also already know that it’s no use just one ad for people to download and keep playing your games, you need to invest in engagement. This is where the streamer comes in.

The streamer can engage more than any type of ad. He manages to keep the viewer on both the platform and the game. But the model of these new live streaming platforms is to reward not only the streamer but also the viewer.

Where to download Streamcraft and start making lives?

To download Streamcraft just search for a customer in Google Play and App Store. The app is fairly lightweight. On Android you need to have at least 3 GB of RAM to start streaming. In iOS, the minimum requirement is iPhone 6 or higher.

Download Link

Developer: IGG 
Advertising: Yes 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.0 / iOS 11 
Language: English | Size: 50 MB

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