How to Improve the Aim in PUBG Mobile on Android and iPhone

How to Improve the Aim in PUBG Mobile on Android and iPhone

One of the biggest challenges that you have to face is to improve the aim of PUBG Mobile, something totally mandatory to win games and be able to play a good role in each of the matches. It is not something simple, and less through a mobile, but there are several ways to do it and we tell you how.

PUBG Mobile is the adaptation to mobile devices of one of the best battle royale on the market, and it does so under an unparalleled war curtain and under a tremendously serious and violent appearance in some cases, which tries to transfer to the electronic component a battle of certain realism. The problem with PUBG Mobile is the accuracy, not easy to achieve in a device with a much smaller screen than a television or a monitor.

So if you’re wondering how to improve the aim in PUBG Mobile on Android and iPhone you can read the guide that we offer below to improve this complicated aspect and be able to knock down each of your rivals at a distance, avoiding direct confrontations where you have a lot more in mind the lottery.

How to improve the aim in PUBG Mobile on Android and iPhone

There are several ways to shoot better in PUBG Mobile , and we detail them one by one so you can win easy in your games.

If you can play PUBG Mobile on your computer, much better, since you will have better control and a superior game screen, being able to see more clearly the distance to the target. If you are interested, you have our guide to play PUBG Mobile on your computer.

Find a quiet place with coverage

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If you want to aim well in the game you must first be calm, and for this the shooting area is essential. Avoid chaotic places that leave you exposed because they will be able to reach you and you will not get the shots right. In this way, look for a quiet place behind a house, a structure or a car, crouch and try to have a clear view of the horizon. This way you will aim much better.

Aim in claw mode

Maybe it sounds a little weird, but if you have played a mobile shooter you will have used up to three fingers to perform actions on the mobile screen. As the mobile is not desktop and we do not have a command or a keyboard, what you must do is put yourself in the hand claw position so that you can move and aim at the same time (and shoot, as you will imagine). It requires your practice, but if you have a tablet you can do better. On mobile screens is even more complicated.

Use the advanced level sniper rifle

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It is not the same to shoot and aim with a submachine gun than with a sniper rifle.So you must find a sniper rifle, and be able to be of a higher level. To do this you must try to fall from the first plane and have some luck finding the weapon. Another option is to be attentive to ambushes and take advantage to take it away from other players.

Shooting is an art

In closed environments forget to aim because you have more chances to get it right, but if you are out and shoot more than 100 meters you must take into account the distance to the target. In this case you must calculate the fall of the bullet, a common physical element that you have already been able to experience in other war titles.

PUBG Mobile

When firing each bullet it begins to fall slowly. To do this, guide yourself through the map stripes, which are equivalent to several meters, to know if you should aim a bit above the head of the target to hit it. The best thing you can do is go practicing to understand this procedure.

This is the best way to shoot in PUBG Mobile to take down your opponents in the easiest way possible.

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