How To Get The Best Weapons In Creative Destruction

Fortcraft changes its name and turns "Creative Destruction"

Creative Destruction has become the “Fortnite” for mobile phones that have little processing power. But with a large number of weapons, it is difficult to know which is the best. Know the best weapons by category and always ensure that you are at the advantage against your enemies.

Before we begin, you must be aware of the weapons colors present in Creative Destruction. Each weapon found in the game has a color and as they change, they get better. Check out.

  • White = Common
  • Green = Unusual
  • Blue = rare
  • Purple = Epic
  • Gold = Legendary

What is the best Creative Destruction Gun?

How To Get The Best Weapons In Creative Destruction

Without a doubt, the best pistol in the game is the 92F. It has great firepower and a very good firing rate. But as with any Battle Royale, guns are only good at the beginning of the game. So do not bother to find one.

Although the 92F is not the most heavily damaged pistol, it has a large comb of bullets. So in a fight against someone with a P357, for example, it will be more advantageous because you can shoot more often at the enemy’s head, while he will have only 6 bullets that fire very slowly.

Below you can see the comparison of 92F in relation to other weapons:

  1. 92F – Power – 28, Range – 100, Rate of fire – 42
  2. P357-P-60, A-100, CT-14
  3. P229-P-30, A-100, CT-28

What’s the best Shotgun (shotgun 12)?

How To Get The Best Weapons In Creative Destruction

Just like in Fortnite, in Creative Destruction shotguns are important weapons at the beginning and also at the end of matches. For it is common to stay very close to the enemies at the end of each match.

Of these weapons with great power of damage in the “melee”, the most powerful is the DTR. She’s a semi-automatic shotgun. When you touch the fire button and keep your finger pressed, it takes several shots.

The amount of DTR damage is 100 + 44. But it’s not the most powerful shotgun in Creative Destruction. The strongest shotgun is the S187. However, the problem with the S187 is the same as the P357 revolver, it takes a lot between one shot and another.

The S187 has a very bad rate of fire. But if you hit her at close range, you’ll most likely eliminate the enemy with just one shot.

Below you can check the data of each shotgun (shotgun 12):

  1. DTR-P-100 + 44, A-13, CT-20
  2. S1897-P-100 + 170, A-13, CT-8

What is the best Creative Destruction submachine gun?

How To Get The Best Weapons In Creative Destruction

Submachine guns are weapons for medium-distance use. While “12” rifles are interesting for short distance (inside a house or building), the submachine gun is great for a distance of over 30 meters.

The best weapon for medium distance is the UMP9. Of course if you are within range and an enemy is UZI, it will have a slight advantage because of the UZI’s rate of fire. But when finding open fields, or streets and alleys, go from UMP9 without fear.

  1. UMP9-P-26, A-100, CT-74
  2. UZI-P-22, A-100, CT-100

What is the best Creative Destruction assault rifle?

How To Get The Best Weapons In Creative Destruction

Now, the favorite weapon of many people, the assault rifles. The rifles are very used because they are good weapons for long and medium distance. Ideal to shoot at enemies as soon as they are sighted.

Unanimously, the most stable rifle with the best chance to hit multiple shots in a row is SCAR. AK47 is also very good, as long as you know how to control recoil. If you are an experienced shooter player, you can control the AK47 recoil without any problems.

  1. SCAR-P-30, A-100, CT-58
  2. AK47-P-37, A-100, CT-50
  3. BHS-P-31, A-100, CT-50
  4. XM8-P-28, A-100, CT-100

What is the best Creative Destruction sniper rifle?

How To Get The Best Weapons In Creative Destruction

In Creative Destruction, many weapons have long-range sights, such as the XM8 rifle. However, to hit enemies more than 100 meters, it is recommended to use even a precision rifle, or as many call it, a sniper.

The best sniper rifle in the game is the AWP. In the “legendary” (golden) color, it is possible to kill an enemy with only a shot in the head (even if he possesses 50 of shield).

In second place in the sniper rifles, we have the PSG-1, which has a 4X target and has a good shooting rate. Although it takes little damage, multiple shots can be fired.

  1. AWP-P-99, A-100, CT-5
  2. PSG-1-P-65, A-100, CT-20
  3. VSS-P-42, A-100, CT-25

Special weapons, which is the best?

How To Get The Best Weapons In Creative Destruction

The special weapons of Creative Destruction are not very good for combat. They are better suited for destroying buildings. But some of these weapons can confuse quite a few startups. A good example is a Flamethrower, which will confuse the vision of a beginning player.

But to face more experienced players, the ideal is to use the grenade launcher, rather than the flamethrower. The grenade launcher has area damage and can be used mid-range.

The RPG-7, the famous missile launcher, is a great weapon for destroying enemy fortifications and for eliminating enemies as well. Well used, damage in the area will detonate your opponent, not important the level of construction he does.

  1. M5 Flamethrower – Bad
  2. X-1 Arc-P-100 + 50, A-38, CT-10
  3. RPG7-P-100 + 10, A-100, CT-2
  4. MGL-P-70, A-13, CT-12

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