How To Get Some Features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 on your Samsung Galaxy S8

How To Get Some Features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 on your Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S9 is the latest flagship of Samsung launched by the company this month. Announced at MWC 2018 , TodoCelular was able to check out the major changes in the new line of high-end smartphones from the South Korean giant. While the novelty is not enough here, we will teach you how to have some of these features on your Galaxy S8 .

To have the Galaxy S9 features on your S8 you need to install a custom ROM. In this case, we tested the Alexis ROM found in the XDA forum. Keep in mind that performing this type of modification on your smartphone may end up leading to loss of warranty. In addition, We shall not be liable for any errors that may occur.

Files Required:

The procedure is the same for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The Alexis ROM is compatible with both handsets. You can also use the same tutorial to install other ROMs on your Galaxy S8, but keep in mind that not all of them are compatible with both models.

Preparing your smartphone

Before proceeding with the tutorial, you need to release the bootloader of your Galaxy S8. To do this, go to About Phone> Software Information and tap 7 times on the build number. A message will appear stating that the ‘developer mode’ is released. Go back to the screen twice and go to Developer Options .

Now you just have to enable the OEM Deblock option, if it is disabled on your device. An alert message informs you that some features will no longer work when you make changes to the Galaxy S8, including Samsung Pay and Knox. Making modifications to the software of the device will result in the loss of these resources irreversibly. Make sure you want to move on.

Files on the microSD

Copy the files to the microSD card of your Galaxy S8. It is important that the ROM and the zip that disables the encryption are in the external memory, because we will format the internal memory at the time of setting up the TWRP. It is important to know that the files passed by recovery are always in .zip format. Never unzip the ROM or any other modification that you wish to install on your smartphone.

ODIN should be uncompressed on your PC, preferably on the home screen. In the folder you will find an executable (no need to install the application). The TWRP file should remain compressed in .tar format.

Download mode

Now with the OEM unlock enabled on your phone, simply turn off the device to enter the recovery mode. To do this, after the device is switched off, hold the ‘ volume minus + Bixby + power ‘ buttons to enter this mode. A green screen issues a security alert. You need to press ‘volume plus’ to confirm that you want to make changes to your Galaxy S8.

When connecting your smartphone to your PC, make sure the COM port on the ODIN is blue. This means the tool recognized your smartphone. If it does not, you will need to install the Samsung drivers.

Turning TWRP via ODIN

In ODIN we have four slots on the right side: BL, AP, CP and CSC. You will send the TWRP file through the AP slot. Just click the respective button and select the .tar file you downloaded. Be very careful not to choose the wrong slot. In addition, the TWRP file is different for each Galaxy S8 model. Make sure you’ve downloaded the version compatible with your device.

Now comes the most important part of our tutorial. When you click on ‘Start’, you should hold the ‘ volume plus + Bixby + power ‘ buttons before the phone reboots and tries to load Android. When the TWRP screen appears you can release the buttons and then make the necessary modifications to install the Alexis ROM.

Using TWRP

When entering the TWRP you must select the option ‘Keep read only’ , also known as ‘reading mode’. On the next screen select Wipe> Format data and type ‘Yes’ . Now go back to the home screen and select Reboot> Recovery . This will cause the phone to restart and return to the TWRP.

Select the ‘Keep read only’ option again On the first screen you should select ‘Install’ , choose the microSD card partition and look for the zip file that disables Android encryption. After selecting the file simply pull the blue bar to the right.

Done this is just to repeat the same procedure to install the Alexis ROM. When the file loads you will enter the ROM setup screen. Here you can choose the CSC (the ZTO is recommended within the Europe group), the Samsung files and services to be installed, some modifications and even the default interface theme.

After that, just finish and choose the ‘Reboot System’ option. The first boot is usually time-consuming and dropping on the Android setup screen just follow the traditional setup (same as when you first connect to an Android device).

Making changes

If you have made any choice in the ROM installation that you did not like, simply reinstall the zip file again. This time you should choose the ‘Dirty Install’ option, which will prevent the data from being deleted, keeping all the apps and settings in the ROM.

The procedure is the same for other ROMs, but each offers different features for user choice. It’s also good to be aware that you will not receive any updates from Samsung. To have security fixes you will have to wait for the ROM dev to release new versions.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is not yet available in Brazilian stores.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S9 is not yet available in Brazilian stores. T
  • The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is available at Americanas for R $ 2,879 . The cost-benefit is average and this is the best model in this price range .
  • The Samsung Galaxy S8 is available at Americanas for R $ 2,609 . The cost-effective is good and this is the best model in this price range .

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