How to get invitations for Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile on iOS

Do you want to know how to get invitations to Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile on iOS? We tell you in this guide of the title of Epic Games in its mobile version.

The beta of Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile is now available for iOS but to access it you must have an invitation. So that you can enjoy the mobile version of the successful multiplayer title of Epic Games, we have decided to create this new chapter of our Fortnite guide in which we are going to tell you how to get invitations for Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile on iOS. Pay attention!

Compatible systems

The first thing you need to know is that not all iOS devices are compatible with Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile. In order to play this beta, it is necessary to have at least an iPhone S / SE, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, iPad Pro or later. In addition, your mobile device must be updated to iOS 11.

How to access the Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile beta on iOS

The first thing you have to do to access the beta of Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile on iOS is to enter the official page of the game and fill out the registration form. You can do it through this same link.

In this form you will have to answer questions as if you have played Fortnite Battle Royale before and on what platforms. If you say no to the first one, you will be redirected to the Epic Games page so that you can register or log in to your account. If you say yes you have played, you will be given a choice of platform and you must enter with your credentials from the Epic, Xbox or PlayStation account.

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Once you have completed the survey, you will have to select what type of iOS device you have so that Epic Games can send you a specific download link for that device to your email. With this, you only have to wait for the mail to arrive and click on the link to download the beta of Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile on iOS.

Also, once you receive the email with the invitation to Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile on iOS , you can share the title test with your friends, so you will not play alone to the title if you do not want to. All this said, remember that you can consult our Fortnite Battle Royale guide to get the most out of the title in iOS.


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