How to Download the Tencent Emulator & Play PUBG Mobile on Low Specs PC

PUBG Mobile was Downloaded 34 Million Times in 13 days

The publisher of PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS, Tencent Games, yesterday released the official game emulator for Windows PCs. With it, you can run PUBG Mobile on “weak” computers. Ideal for anyone who has a PC and tablets with Windows 10.

Warning: Remember that who plays in this emulator, Memu Player and others, is paired only with those who play also in an emulator. So always who plays on the PC, it competes who plays on the PC as well.

With the English version of the Tencent Games emulator, it was much easier to download and play PUBG Mobile on PC. To do this, just go to the official website and download the emulator.

Step 1. The first step is to access the official website of the emulator.
English version of the emulator of PUBG Mobile has servers in Latin America. (Photo from the Tencent Games website).

Step 2. Right on the homepage of the site is the button to download the emulator. Click the button to start the download.

Step 3. The download will download a small file with about 8 MB.

Tencent emulator installation is super easy. You can choose how far the emulator will go.

Step 4. After downloading the file, start the installer. It will download the rest of the emulator.

It’s not over. Wait for the emulator to download the remainder of the game.

Step 5. It’s not over yet. After downloading the emulator, it will download the game Mobile PUBG.

Step 6. Now, just enjoy the game of PUBG Mobile on PC or tablet with Windows 10. Remember that this emulator is ideal for those who have weak PC and want to run PUBG on the computer.

How to Download the Tencent Emulator & Play PUBG Mobile on Low Specs PC

Remembering again that both this emulator and many others, the player is will only face who uses emulator as well. No use trying to build squad with friends playing on the cell phone, it will not work.

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