How To Download The King of Fighters Destiny (Tutorial)

How To Download The King of Fighters Destiny

The fantastic fighting game The King of Fighters Destiny came out of beta testing, and was released in China. Available for playing in Brazil, this title for Android is one of the best 2D action games of the moment. With a lot of 2D beat up beat’n up style, KOF Destiny has many missions for one player, but it stands out even for the multiplayer 3 v 3 mode.

A must-see action for fans of The King of Fighters

The King of Fighters Destiny is all in Chinese, but that’s hardly relevant. What really matters is the beautiful 2D visual, reminiscent of KOF XIII and the possibility of collecting the best fighters on Earth in a great fighting game.

The game follows the style “street fight” with many elements of an online RPG. It reminds a lot of KOF 97 OL. But in Destiny we have a big differential, which are the arenas for 1v1 and 3v3. Up to six players can face each other in an arena with lots of action, the kick will eat loose.

How to download The King of Fighters Destiny

In 2017, we teach to download and play the game still in the beta. Although that link still works, we suggest downloading the final version, directly from the official website itself. So, you guarantee to always have the game updated and the link working, right?

Step 1. To download KOF Destiny, go to . After opening the site, tap the indicated location and choose the “QQ” option.

Step 2. Tap any of the two buttons to start the download.

Step 3. Once the game is installed, it can request an update. Choose the “red” option (on the right) to continue.

Step 4. Choose the QQ option to login to the game.

To play, we suggest you have a QQ service account. QQ is the Tencent login service, and covers both the search site, email, and the games it launches. Anyway, a much better, and lighter, than having the WeChat application installed on the phone.

Do you have a QQ login? Just open the game and enter your data to start enjoying the game.

Link to Download APK

Developer: SNK 
Advertising: Yes | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.0 
Language: Chinese | Size: 520 MB

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