How To Download Sky Kingdoms On PC & Android For Free

How To Download Sky Kingdoms On PC & Android For Free

Sky Kingdoms is a strategy game in which players can take charge of a colossal flying castle. We will have to build and improve all kinds of structures to make it prosper and, of course, sooner or later we will see the faces with other rulers of flying castles.

From the view of the castle, we can build and improve all the buildings necessary to make our empire grow. We will need barracks to recruit troops, a forge to create weapons and armor, different types of mines to obtain resources, and much more. Each building has its own function. And all will be necessary to lead a prosperous kingdom.

If we go to the global map, we can see our flying castle from a much more distant perspective, accompanied by many other castles. From here we can launch all kinds of attacks, both against other players and against neutral structures controlled by artificial intelligence. But beware, if we send a hero on a very long mission, we will not have it at our disposal during the whole time of the mission.

Heroes are one of the most important elements of Sky Kingdoms. In total, we can recruit more than a dozen different heroes, to which we can go leveling and improving with new weapons, amulets, and armor. These special characters will be in charge of directing our troops in battle.

Sky Kingdoms is a brilliant strategy game, which has an accessible and fun game system, a great variety of characters and missions, and above all, an absolutely beautiful visual section.

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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