How To Download Little Alchemist For PC & Android Free Apk

How To Download Little Alchemist For PC & Android Free Apk

Little Alchemist is a card trading game where you can challenge other alchemists to use a series of cards with beautiful creatures like vampire chinchillas, land golem or Death itself (with its scythe and hood).

The gameplay is simpler than most other similar games. All you have to do is play one of the five cards in your hand and compare it to your opponent’s. Each card has one attack value and one defense value, so the attack points of one card are higher than the other’s defense points, so it will do damage to the enemy alchemist. It’s that simple.

In this simple game structure you will find other elements that will add levels of complexity, such as the ability to combine cards. Thanks to it, you can, for example, combine a potion card with a land card to create a stone golem.

Little Alchemist is a card game that has a simple and accessible game structure and a very beautiful visual style. A perfect game for short and intense duels.

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