How to Change the Font in the New Mode of Instagram Stories

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Updates continue to come to Instagram on a regular basis and app Stories have just updated with a feature that is very popular with users: it is now possible to publish Text Stories. A new mode we already had on Facebook and WhatsApp, so it was to be expected that it would eventually arrive on Instagram. This mode has more stuff than it seems at first, and we will reveal everything that can be done with the text mode of the Instagram Stories.

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Instagram Stories text mode

The new text Stories that we can publish on Instagram is a very useful modality to launch ideas very quickly. Previously we had to cover the whole background with a color and then we could write to accomplish this, but the new feature makes our life a lot easier . After the introduction of the animated stickers, this text mode is an interesting back to the origins where what we write has a great value.

Not everything in life is pictures and still more with the degree of immediacy and naturalness that is perceived in the Instagram Stories. It is clear that the evolution of this social network focused on the photographs is taking many turns, but right now it is a more interesting media out there. So it is normal to include features of this style. A mode that is already available globally for all version 30 owners of the app.

Change Instagram Stories Text Mode Font

Using text mode from Instagram Stories could not be simpler. After touching the camera that gives us access to Stories, we only have to slide to the first option called “Text” . Once there we just have to follow the app itself that asks us to touch the screen to start entering text. Then we can change the colors by changing the circle of shades that is to the left of the screen. But before we color, let’s talk about the sources that are available.

After we write whatever we want, it’s time for customization. We have four different sources available and each of them is configurable in a different way. The first style is called “Modern” and is characterized by its large size. We can change your colors between smooth and gradient tones.

Instagram Stories Text

“Typewriter” mode is the typical one that is used when writing scripts. It is quite simple, but it has some peculiarities regarding the rest of the ways: we can choose its alignment and we can add a yellow background if we wish.

“Neon” is the third text mode we have and it is not as configurable as “Modern”, which has a unique style that will give life to our publications.

We end up with “Forte” , a text style the I uses the iconic Futura font and also allows us to add a background to the letters themselves to differentiate them from the bottom of the screen.

In addition to using the color backgrounds with this new feature, it is also possible to introduce a semi-transparent photo to give an extra layer of customization to our Instagram Stories.

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