How did the Pokémon Go Fest become a $ 1.5 million loss?

How did the Pokémon Go Fest become a $ 1.5 million loss?

Pokémon GO was one of the most popular games of recent years in the mobile universe. The Battle Royale games fever is not even 30% of the noise generated by the launch of the Niantic game. So how would an event that would celebrate a year of the release of Pokémon GO become a fiasco?

A birthday party that went wrong

On July 22, 2017, Niantic held an event called Pokémon Go Fest at Grant Park in Chicago to commemorate a year of launching the game in the United States. But realization is force of expression. In fact, the event was a complete failure.

Huge queues to buy tickets, and little infrastructure to support the immense amount of players, all wanting to access the region’s mobile networks. Result? The servers of the game fell not only to who was in the event but also to all the players in the USA.

The event was especially disastrous because a lot of its fun would happen in the virtual world. Several rare pokémons would be released for players to collect. In the end, everything went wrong and a lot of people left quite frustrated from the event.

But the US is not like “Banana”. There when a company does not fulfill a contract, you can expect the visitation of several guys in suits. And this is what happened. A group of users felt injured. They filed a class action lawsuit seeking compensation.

And they won! In addition to getting the value of the ticket back, Niantic has disbursed $ 1.5 million to pay for expenses of those who felt harmed by attending the event. You will receive the only indemnity if you prove you checked in at the Pokémon Go Fest.

This is a lesson for any company that wants to bring many users together in one place. Check the availability of mobile phone antennas to ensure that your event will not go down.

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