Hopeless Raider – New OFFLINE Zombie Game for Android

Hopeless Raider - New OFFLINE Zombie Game for Android

Hopeless Raider would be an equivalent to Unkilled (Madfinger), but with the possibility of being played offline. A zombie game where the goal is to kill the undead. In command of a bearded and misunderstood face, the mission is to clean a city in short stages and with much shooting.

Created by Studio JoyMeng, the game has a simple look and does not even compete closely with similar games like Dead Trigger 2 and Unkilled. But Hopeless Raider has the main advantage of being offline, just like the first Dead Trigger.

The last stages are the main negative point of the game, which comes down to the first few minutes explaining the gameplay. But past the initial stages, we come face to face with some interesting bosses.

When starting the game, the shot will be automatic, but this is easy to change. At any time, you can switch between automatic and manual shooting, just pausing the game.

Hopeless Raider - New OFFLINE Zombie Game for Android

Hopeless Raider has a very similar game, Death Invasion (download here) that is also offline, but in the third person.

Hopeless Raider looks a lot like its sister game, Death Invasion, also by JoyMeng. A show that small studios are recycling the same game over and over until it gets noticed by the general public. Even though it has limited ability, Hopeless Raider is still interesting as an offline game to pass the time.

Download Link on ANDROID

Link to Download APK

Developer: JoyMeng 
Advertising: Yes | Game OFFLINE 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.4  
Language: English | Size: 95 MB

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