Honor of Kings: Tencent Uses Facial Recognition to Limit Players

Tencent Games is experimenting with face recognition technology as part of its agenda to suit new Chinese policies. The test is being done with the game Honor of Kings, the Chinese version on which Arena of Valor was based .

The measure seeks to restrict the amount of hours children can play per day. Since September 29, the company began testing in Beijing and Shenzhen, with thousands of players randomly selected. The goal is to confirm the identity and age of a player, and whether the limits of gameplay should be applied.

It is unclear exactly how Tencent will confirm users’ identity through facial recognition, what technology is being used, and whether it can be used on a larger scale. Honor of Kings is one of the most popular games in China, even defeating the League of Legends at the height of fame.

According to Tencent, a survey of 600 players also showed concern from half the respondents about showing their face in the game.

Some checks have already been put in place. A real-name recognition system was integrated last month with efforts to prevent users from circumventing game restrictions.

Such gameplay limits were implemented last year after criticism from the Chinese government about the game being “addictive.”

This means that children under 12 are restricted to one hour of play per day. Those aged 12 to 18 years were limited to two hours per day.

Whether facial recognition technology will be released for all Chinese players still needs to be seen.

The Chinese Ministry of Education blamed games for myopia rates among children and teenagers, which it plans to cut through new regulations.

For those who do not know, in China, there are several restrictions for electronic games. Let’s approach the subject shortly in an exclusive article. Do not miss out.

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