Heir of Light: Gamevil’s Play Now On PC ,Android and iOS

Heir of Light: Gamevil's Play Now On PC ,Android and iOS

Heir of Light is Gamevil’s new online RPG. The game for Android and iOS, arrives to compete in the disputed market of “instanciados games”. They are RPGs with short phases, focused on repetition, but with stunning graphics.

Heir of Light, literally Heir of Light, in Portuguese, is the eternal confrontation between light and darkness. You control a crusader, whose mission is to regain hope and bring light to the world. All this after a sacred guardian betrays everyone. A task beyond complicated (and repetitive).

Choose from 5 class characters like warrior, archer, swordsman, sorceress and priestess. One of the differences of the game is the possibility of recruiting and training more than 100 different types of allies.

The art of the game is very beautiful, with an incredible design of the characters. It reminds one a little of the ancient arts of Castlevania.

Gamevil’s tragic gameplay

But as expected, the game follows that pattern that has already become common in Gamevil. Everything is practically automatic. You do not even control the movement of the character, just choose which skill to use. This is yet another example of the new subgenre of mobile games, the so-called second screen games, the kind of game that is played while watching TV.

The Gamevil comes in a decreasing releasing handsome, but rather generic games. Titles that even have an interesting storyline, but when it comes time to control the characters, you can not help feeling that disappointment. ArcheAge BEGINS, recently released, suffers from the same problem.

Heir of Light: Gamevil's Play Now On PC ,Android and iOS

Download Link on iPhone and iPad (App store)

Link to Download APK

Android Game Link (Google Play)

Developer: Gamevil 
Advertising: Yes | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 
Language: English | Size: 380 MB

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