Heavy Story-Driven Exploration Game ‘Keep in Mind: Remastered’ Coming to iOS, Android, and Steam March 8th

Heavy Story-Driven Exploration Game 'Keep in Mind: Remastered' Coming to iOS, Android, and Steam March 8th

While video games are typically lighthearted, fun escapes from reality, sometimes games can attempt to tackle more serious issues and serve to make players think and reflect on something rather than escape it. This has been even more common in the past few years with the openness of digital marketplaces and the explosion of the indie developer scene. One such game that tackles some tough issues, specifically alcoholism and mental illness, is called Keep in Mind from Little Moth Games. The story follows Jonas, who suffers from alcoholism and mental illnesses like depression and grief, as he awakes one night in a strange alternate version of his world and must go on to face the darkest demons of his psyche. Here’s the latest trailer.

Keep in Mind originally released back in 2016 as a browser game, but Little Moth has partnered up with Akupara Games to re-release the game as Keep in Mind: Remastered on iOS, Android, and Steam on March 8th. The game is most certainly not a long experience and can be completed in a half hour or so, but the hope is that the impact of the characters and story will help players deal with their own issues, or at least open their eyes to them. One very cool thing about this new release is that the developers will be donating all the game’s profits to the Child’s Play Charity. While it’s maybe not as “fun” playing games that deal with these serious issues, I’m glad that the medium of video games can branch out into these areas and create awareness and even help people cope through their own problems. If Keep in Mind: Remastered looks interesting to you, then check it out when it launches on March 8th.

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