HammerMan is the Android version of Getting Over It

HammerMan is the Android version of Getting Over It

One of the most ridiculous, addictive and fun games on Steam, has received an Android version. HammerMan is not an official version of Getting Over It, but it comes quite close. Both in fun and irritating.

The game follows the same pattern as Getting Over It. You control a guy trapped in a cauldron and with a sledgehammer. Your mission is to get to the given location. There are only 5 stages (counting with the tutorial and intro). The movement of HammerMan is simple, the game has only one analog, which you use to move the character.

If annoying and goal, the studio Trending Apps made the right decision. A recent update made the game stop being offline and online. The reason? Display ads constantly.

Although HammerMan irritates in all ways, the game is very good to play. The commands respond well and the challenge is not even that difficult.

Link to download the old version OFFLINE

Download Link on Google Play

Developer: App Trending 
Advertising: Yes | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.1 
Language: English | Size: 87 MB.

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