HAL Laboratory’s (Part Time UFO) For Android Download

Part Time UFO is a bit of an odd one. It challenges you to perform a variety of odd jobs for cash, then spend that money on new costumes. Oh, and did we mention that you play as an alien in a UFO? That’s the weird bit.

Because apart from that it seems like a nice little collection of minigames. You’ll serve food, help transport cargo, and perform as a cheerleader. Every job involves picking something up with a claw – it’s not unlike that claw arcade game.

Part Time UFO is a little bit weird, but we dig it

With the money you earn from these jobs, you buy new costumes. Not only do these provide a new appearance for your UFO, but they also provide new abilities. These can help you perform the various jobs.

Curiously, you can also show off your new threads by taking part in a catwalk. I guess it isn’t really much of a walk for a UFO though – more of a float.

It’s all a little bit weird, to be honest, but in a totally cutesy way that will likely win you over. Go ahead and check it out for yourself rather than just judging like we are. You can grab it on Google Play right now.

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