Grim Soul is a Medieval “Last Day on Earth” for Android

Grim Soul is a Medieval "Last Day on Earth" for Android

Grim Soul is an online RPG focused on the survival and “crafting” of items. It reminds you of Last Day on Earth, Kefir’s hugely successful game. However, Grim Soul is not a cheap copy. The new game has a lot of potential and style. Free, the new Brickworks game is available for Android.

The structures in which Grim Soul was created, without a doubt, are based on those of Last Day on Earth. The game cycle is the same. Explore, collect items, mate invaders, zombies, punished souls, explore more.

The highlight of Grim Soul is the setting that explores obscure themes of the Middle Ages as occult and supernatural. This greatly improves the plot of the game and can be a great differential if Brickworks decides to explore the narrative better.

Grim Soul is a Medieval "Last Day on Earth" for Android

One of the great flaws of Last Day on Earth is not exploring a deeper story that captivates the player. The similarity that Grim Soul has with Diablo, especially in the dungeon entrances, give the player this impression that there is much more to discover.

For now Grim Soul has been released only in English, the game is available for Android, it’s free. Some connection problems may occur, Brickworks certainly did not expect such a positive reception. It is a very well done game, with great mechanics and that will be one of the great titles of this subgenre.

Link to Download APK

Play link on Google Play

Developer: Brickworks games 
Advertising: Yes | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.1 
Language: English | Size: 92 MB

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