Google’s Games Streaming Service is called Yeti

Netflix for Mobile Games is the Future and would kill off the Platform’s Obsession with Freemium

Last week, we reported that Google was working on a games subscription service. In theory, it would provide all games on mobile for a monthly subscription fee, saving you from expensive premium games and ghastly IAPs.

But it might actually be a little more than that. According to reports, Google is working on a brand new games console to rival the PS4 and Xbox One. It’s Yeti, and it streams games instead of running them on the system.

Google is working on a games streaming service, or console called Yeti

Actually, it might not even need to be a console, as Google is also reportedly looking into providing the service on your Chromecast.

Regardless though, if Google can provide a streaming service that actually works, provides all of the games your Xbox and PS4 does and in 4K, then it could dominate the market.

Because the system itself doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s not really running any hardware, after all. So you’ll really only be paying that subscription fee to have all of the games.

That’s insane. We really hope it’s true though! We’ll keep you posted.

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