Get L1R1 Control for PUBG, Free Fire and others

With the explosion of games in the style Battle Royale, a new type of accessory for the gamers arose. The L1R1 triggers. This type of “control” is attached to the top of the screen and helps to perform the “4-finger technique” more easily. But the question remains: are they worth it? Check out our full review.

What’s in the package

Get L1R1 Control for PUBG, Free Fire and others
Triggers come in well protected, but without any manual or tips on how to use.

The L1R1 control for games with PUBG Mobile, Fre Fire, Rules of Survival and many others comes only in a plastic case with no manual or hint of how to use.

Design x Construction

It so happens, you see the post or a video and it goes crazy. The L1R1 triggers seem perfect to enhance your gaming in games like PUBG Mobile, Fre Fire, Rules of Survival and many others.

Really, design is one of the most interesting points of this type of control. “What a great idea,” was what I thought as soon as I saw him for the first time.

However, the glitch at first glance reveals a disappointment when the triggers arrive. By the videos, it is imagined that the fit will be perfect on any smartphone or tablet, but in reality, things are more complicated.

Get L1R1 Control for PUBG, Free Fire and others

The unit I received also has manufacturing issues. The buttons do not have quality and the feeling of being pressed something fragile is very great.

“How L1R1 Triggers Work”

Triggers are a type of mechanism that will simulate touch on the screen. Each one functions literally like a small trigger, which when pressed, pushes a small piece that touches the screen. A spring helps this piece to return to the starting position.

control-l1r1-cellular-android-pubg Review: L1R1 Control for PUBG, Free Fire and others

A very simple mechanism, but it helps to play with more than two fingers on the screen. To set up, it takes a few minutes to adjust the onscreen (in-game) buttons to match where triggers “ring”.

Trouble fitting

The big problem with this type of control is that it does not take into account the thickness difference of the thousands of Android smartphones on the market. In fact, despite being said to work on any cell phone, the model I bought looks better on iPhones 6, 7 and 8.

The L1R1 I purchased does not look great on devices with a cover and even without a cover. In Galaxy S8 and S9 Plus it gets horrible because of the curved screen and lack of edges. Any smartphone with a thickness over 7.5 mm will have difficulty fitting the control.

Get L1R1 Control for PUBG, Free Fire and others
Prolonged use damages film. Imagine the screen?

Another problem at the time of fitting is in the long run. After a few days, you will notice a wear and tear on the film. Anyone who uses this right on the smartphone screen has a lot of guts!

For continued use on a gaming-only device, it would even look interesting. But when you take it out and put it often, it’s impossible not to see damage on your smartphone or tablet.

The triggers have no rubber or docking protection, it’s hard plastic straight to the screen. There is a rubber fastening, very small, but it offers no protection.

The lack of something that protects the screen, and the absence of thickness adjustment are the major defects of this control. The user can force the docking, and this can cause scratches on the screen and the back of the smartphone.


Did not like! There are several construction problems in this type of control. The product is sold as it fits into any smartphone, but it is designed for iPhones (and no cover). The problem of thickness, the impossibility of playing with a cap and the lack of protection for the screen, are determinant to evaluate the product as bad. A model where you could adjust the thickness would be ideal to be able to fit it in the smartphone without forcing the screen (which can cause risks).


  • Works as expected
  • Very cheap


  • Trouble fit
  • No screen protection
  • Damage the film after a while

* The Control/triggers of this review were purchased with own resources for personal use. Where to find? You have at AliExpress.

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