Garena’s Greed with Free Fire is All That’s WRONG in Mobile Games

For some time now I’ve been watching how Garena and Studio 111dots are working on their most popular game, Free Fire. From time to time, it has become clear that both the publisher and the studio are more focused on profiteering than on improving the game itself.

The last straw is the one million diamond event held last week. It is clear that this and other options within the game are just minigames of chance, slot machines or gambling. This event was nothing more than a mini-game to spend diamonds and try to win … guess what? DIAMONDS!

The event was short and it became clear what a bad idea it was, especially in countries where loot boxes and gambling in mobile games is being investigated as in Japan and in European countries.

The latest news is the “Challenge Bistrô”, where the player needs to buy kits so there, have the luck to make a good “baking” to win the desired skin.

Almost all skins require loot boxes, boxes or random chances to take off certain clothes.

Cosmetic only and no Improvement in the game

For months Free Fire has not even gotten a breakthrough in the field of gameplay. No new map or improvements in your drive – one of the worst among all the Battle Royale of Android and iPhone.

Improvements against hackers then? Despite the cheating ads, the game continues with many types of hacking, the latest of which is invisible players.

But upgrades with real money spending options or item promises if you do “xy or z”, that kind of crap literally hits Free Fire every week.

So it’s hard to believe in future improvements to the game. Despite being the most popular game in Brazil, Free Fire is far from being the best mobile game of today.

Garena’s Greed with Free Fire represents everything we DO NOT like in mobile games. Loot Boxes, shopping for everything else and options that look more like gambling.

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