Gamevice Just Launched a $89.95 ‘Minecraft’ Bundle

Gamevice Just Launched a $89.95 'Minecraft' Bundle

Late last year we posted about a somewhat surprising bundle that popped up on the Apple Store which featured a SteelSeries Nimbus MFi Controller and Minecraft: Apple TV Edition. Well, if that piqued your interest but you’re more into playing on mobile than you are Apple TV, you’ll be happy to learn that Gamevice now has a very similar bundle featuring their expandable controller and Minecraft for $89.95.

If you’re new to the Gamevice, we reviewed it when it was the hip new thing all the way back in 2015. (We also reviewed an even earlier unit for the iPad mini.) Basically, it’s an expandable controller that clips your iOS device in the middle, ending up with an arrangement that’s sort of like the Switch. (Amusingly enough, they’re also suing Nintendo.)

Gamevice Just Launched a $89.95 'Minecraft' Bundle

If you’re curious what other games (besides Minecraft) you can play with MFi controllers, the Gamevice Live [Free] app does a great job at aggregating all of them. Chances are you already own more than a few games that could benefit from Gamevice or any other MFi controller.

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