Gameloft closes Studio in New Orleans


Gameloft closed the studio in the city of New Orleans or New Orleans, located in the US state of Louisiana. At the time, 40 employees were dismissed.

Founded in 2011, the New Orleans office would be the latest in a series of closures and redundancies that have hit Gameloft since 2015. The company has already closed studios around the world in Spain, New Zealand, Seattle, Tokyo and New York.

With the dismissal of the 40 employees in New Orleans, Gameloft has already totaled 900 redundancies around the globe. Since 2015

In 2016, French media conglomerate Vivendi acquired Gameloft in a hostile takeover bid. Since then, Vivendi has aggressively pursued Ubisoft with a similar tactic.

In October last year, Ubisoft opted to buy four million of its own shares in an attempt to push the media giant away.


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