Future of the Moto Z line! Motorola signs off after layoffs in US

Future of the Moto Z line! Motorola signs off after layoffs in US

Motorola, which has staged a major controversy with the recent explosion of one of its smartphones , caused some disappointment for its fans not to present the Moto G6 during the MWC18 in Barcelona.

The company, which gained prominence in 2017 during the event with the launch of the Moto G5 line, showed this year only a few Moto Snaps, raising questions about a possible “uncertain future.”

Now, to make matters worse, she has fired nearly 50 percent of her employees in Chicago, reiterating suspicions that her presence in the US market may not be as good as expected.

Confirming the layoffs, the Lenovo subsidiary commented that the action is part of something planned, which will impact less than 2% of its global workforce.

Amid corroborating a possible end to the Moto Z line , focusing only on entry-level and mid-range devices, to the relief of Moto-fans, Motorola told the Android Authority that its most expensive line of devices will continue to exist.

Future of the Moto Z line! Motorola signs off after layoffs in US

However, the company’s current scenario does not reflect confidence – criticized by many for using “outdated designs”, it may be that the firm is actually experiencing serious problems.

The layoffs were discovered thanks to a post on TheLayOff.com, where an anonymous user with the nickname “Ex-Motorolan” revealed what happened.

Liangchen Chen, who is responsible for the crowdfunding of the Moto Mod Keyboard in Indiegogo (which made more than $ 160,000 worth of investment), revealed that layoffs would have a “big impact” on his project, putting at risk the future of the long-awaited accessory.

If Chen does not get an official license from Motorola for his Moto Mod, as well as not getting access to the OTA server in the department of this type of accessory, the detachable keyboard will not work with future models of the Moto Z line.

Now it’s waiting to see what will happen in the next few days, and hope that the company will once again “shine” in the so- saturated smartphone market – something that can be a difficult task, especially considering the great proposals that are few, appearing on the part of the Chinese manufacturers.

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