Funko Pop dolls from Summoner War are in Development

Funko Pop dolls from Summoner War are in Development

Com2us and Funko have announced a partnership to bring the popular mobile game Summoners War RPG to the pop doll line! According to the official statement, the South Korean producer is the first gaming company in that country to license a line of Funko collectibles.

We are excited to be the first South Korean gaming company to join Funko and see the conquest of the iconic Summoners War characters, “said Casey Lee, CEO of Com2us USA. “As Com2us continues to be a robust enterprise in media licensing and entertainment media, we want to ensure that the Summoners War brand is in the hands of creative minds who are at the forefront of trends and configuration standards.

The success of Summoner War

Summoner War is the “flagship” of Com2us. The most popular and profitable game of the producer. With almost four years of its launch, the game has already yielded $ 1 billion for Com2us. Around the world, Summoner War has been downloaded more than 80 million times.

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