Free Fire will Get Zombie Mode at Night (Zombie Mode)

Free Fire will Get Zombie Mode at Night (Zombie Mode)

Free Fire will also gain a “night” mode, just like PUBG Mobile. However, the night will arrive in the game along with a new mode, the Death Race Zombie Mode. Check out the trailer.

In Brazil, the mode will be called “Apocalypse Zombie” and will arrive this weekend. The mode is very similar to the “Rush Hour” mode, which already exists in Free Fire. But apart from the other players, you will also have to deal with the zombies. The highlight of this mode is that battles happen at night.

The players are already descending with an ATV equipped with many weapons. The goal is to kill zombies and enemies and collect ammo and equipment to fix your vehicle. The mode can be played in pairs.

The trailer on the official Garena BR channel shows little of the way, but makes it clear that the “Zombie Apocalypse” will not be constant. He will be present only this weekend. So enjoy “gold” and sweets to buy skins without spending anything.

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