Free Fire: How was the Championship “Brazil Cup”

Free Fire: How was the Championship "Brazil Cup"

It happened this weekend the Semifinal Brazil Cup Free Fire. Organized by Garena in partnership with the Brazil Game Cup. The event was held on Saturday and Sunday and aimed to select the finalists who go to the “presence” at the BGS on October 14th.

The Brazil Cup of Free Fire is a championship that favors the regularity of the teams. The competition was by running point. It was literally a marathon with about 10 hours of stream performed directly from the official Free Fire channel. The matches were alternating between the two maps of the game: Purgatory and Bermuda.

The broadcast was somewhat impaired due to the narration of narrators citing the teams only as “Team 1” or “Team 10” instead of team names. The tiredness also helped, after all 10 hours of stream is not for anyone.

Only the two teams from each pool or POT were classified. First of all, in those semifinals was the Outside team with 1890 points, and in the second TopSquad with 1690.

In total, 12 teams qualified for the final that takes place during the Brazil Game Show (BGS) in October.

See the stream in Full.
Link with the qualified

Absence of Youtubers

Whoever has missed the absence of some Youtubers, should not be aware of the rules of the championship. You can not use emulators!

Through its rules, Garena made clear that the championship is mobile . Players who use computers to emulate the game will not be able to participate and if they are found they will be banned from the event.

Also not allowed in the league the use of Bluetooth or USB controls, mouse and keyboard.


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