FoxNext wants its games to be as important as their movies

FoxNext wants its games to be as important as their movies

Loeb: games will be the means of entertainment that defines the century

A few hours ago, FoxNext Games surprised the world by announcing the acquisition of Cold Iron Studios to develop a new shooter based on the Alien franchise. Apparently, this is just one of the first steps of a plan with which Fox seeks to make his video games as important as his films and television series.

Aaron Loeb, president of FoxNext Games, shared the ambitions of the company he directs in a talk with . There he made it clear that they believe that video games are one of the most important entertainment media of the century.

“FoxNext Games seeks to make games such an important part of Fox’s business as movies and television. We believe that games will be the key means of entertainment that defines this century, “he said.

While the first FoxNext Games projects have been simple mobile titles – Futurama: Game of Dromes and The Simpsons: Tapped Out -, they are also interested in venturing into the consoles and PC market. This is so since their members believe that they offer a more immersive experience.

“Mobiles are a platform for intimate games, they are with you all the time and games become part of your life. Console and PC games are immersive platforms that will allow us to transport users to their favorite worlds. They are tools and types of games that are very important for our arsenal in this mission. (…) It has less to do with the type of platform it is, than with how empowered is the creator with the question: ‘what is the best expression of this world as a game?’ “, He said.

Finally, Leob noted that Fox’s properties have proven to have the potential to be successful on consoles: “In our history, Fox’s properties have had great console games; just go Simpsons: Hit and Run or Alien: Isolation. You unlock great possibilities when you join a team that has a lot of passion for a brand with its creators “.

Do you think FoxNext Games has the potential to become one of the most important companies in the market? Which Fox franchise would you like to be adapted to the video game market? Tell us in the comments.

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